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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Most Dangerous Jobs In The World ,According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent figures, there were 4,693 fatal occupational injuries in 2011, 146 more than reported in 2010. The majority of these injuries occur in a handful of sectors representing the Most Dangerous Jobs In The World.

10. Street sweeper

Most dangerous jobs

If you’ve ever been to Kiva, Rwanda you’ll know why street sweepers are on this list. Many women work all hours of the night in busy traffic and less than friendly neighborhoods.


9. Courier Carriers

Most dangerous jobs

Consisting of everything from pizza delivery to newspaper boys, this job is actually quite dangerous in most countries. They are often the victims of armed robbery and other violent crimes.


8. Alligator Wrestlers & Lion Tamers

Most dangerous jobs

We’ll consider this a general category encompassing anybody who deals with dangerous animals on a daily basis. Especially those people that stick their faces in their mouths.


7. Firefighters

Most dangerous jobs

From rushing into burning buildings to digging ditches in the middle of the Australian Outback, firefighters aren’t know for having the safest jobs in the world.


6. Astronauts

Most dangerous jobs

Although most people probably don’t consider this profession when thinking of dangerous work, since the beginning of the Russian and American space programs about 430 astronauts have gone to space. With 34 deaths that is a 7.5% mortality rate which is significantly higher than many other professions on this list.

5. Mechanics

Most dangerous jobs

Between fumes, chemicals, and dangerous tools, mechanics working on everything from mini coopers to fighter jets are exposed to their fair share of hazardous situations.


4. Land Mine Remover

Most dangerous jobs

Although in some parts of the world this is the military’s job, there are many formerly war torn regions completely covered in left over land mines. With governments that could care less there is a job opening in the private market, and it’s not a fun one.


3. Sanitation Workers

Most dangerous jobs

In many places it’s paid well for a reason. The potential exposure to all sorts of hazardous materials raises the danger level a few notches.


2. Miners

Most dangerous jobs

There are few jobs that can destroy your health like mining. Besides the long term danger of the black lung there is the constant risk of cave ins or other potentially life stopping situations.


1. Lumberjack

Most dangerous jobs

Along with deep sea fishing, the logging industry is a long time source of workplace danger. Big trees, sharp saws, and hard hours are not a good mix.

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