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Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Eyes

Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrity Eyes

One of the most difficult tasks for this list of the most beautiful celebrity eyes was finding a large head shot that showcased their eyes. Most photos included the entire female’s body and when you look at the list of women below you know why that is a good thing – most certainly had a beautiful body to match their incredible eyes. So we did the best we could and looked for nice photography that concentrated on the face and the eyes. At least you can be sure that none of these beautiful celebrity eyes have had plastic surgery, at least at the time this list was created.


10. Mila Kunis

beautiful celebrity eyes

Now those are a pair of exquisite eyes that deserve a spot on this list don’t you think??


9. Rihanna

beautiful celebrity eyes

Rihanna has the most amazing honey soaked eyes. Simply dazzling!


8. Scarlet Johansson

beautiful celebrity eyes

What can I say. If it’s gorgeous in black and white…it’s gorgeous. Period.


7. Charlize Theron

beautiful celebrity eyes

I love Charlize. She is a brilliant actress with intensely alluring eyes that are the perfect shade of green.


6. Jessica Alba

beautiful celebrity eyes

You know how in America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks keeps talking about “smiling with your eyes”? I think Jessica Alba is blessed with exactly that….a pair of endearing, smiling eyes.

5. Penelope Cruz

beautiful celebrity eyes

Stunning Penelope has the kind of dreamy, romantic eyes that are perfect for her earthy looks.


4. Adriana Lima

beautiful celebrity eyes

Seriously….if looks could kill! Adriana is stunning no doubt but those eyes are something else!


3. Angelina Jolie

beautiful celebrity eyes

She is the epitome of all that is gorgeous! And while I agree that her lips are probably her best asset, her penetrating eyes are something else.


2. Aishwarya Rai

beautiful celebrity eyes

Aishwarya is just exotically beautiful in every which way and those stunning green eyes might just be why…


1. Megan Fox

beautiful celebrity eyes

Every celebrity today has the body of a Greek goddess with the perfect hair and makeup so what makes Megan Fox one of the hottest stars of our times? Her gorgeous, intense, to-die-for blue eyes ofcourse!

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