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Top 10 Hilarious Baby Expectations Vs Reality photos

Top 10 Hilarious Baby Photos Expectations Vs Reality

Expectations Vs Reality : A baby is a very young human who is usually born after a woman gives birth. A baby is called a newborn for the first 1 to 3 months of life. They are then called a child until about the age of three years old, and a preschooler between 3 years old and school.Having a baby is one of the most amazing things a human can experience, therefore it is totally understandable that proud parents want to show off their little bundles of joy. Nowadays, the internet is full of super cute baby pictures taken by professional photographers and many parents try to recreate these pictures with their own babies. However, as you will see in this post, capturing the indisputable cuteness of your baby might not be as easy as some make it seem. Sometimes, the outcomes of these attempts are much more ridiculous and awkward than cute (but still funny). Whether it’s taking a picture of your baby´s first Christmas, birthday, bath or supposedly cute poses with his or her toys, the reality can often be hilariously different from the original expectations. To show you some of the funniest expectations vs. reality baby photos ever created, we have searched the web through and made a list featuring 25 Hilarious Baby Expectations Vs. Reality Pictures. Undoubtedly, all of these parents had good intentions but the results of their effort were definitely not what they had hoped for. If you are ready to laugh over some of the funniest baby photo fails, check out these 25 Hilarious Baby Expectations Vs Reality Photos.
























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