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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Hitler

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Hitler

Adolf Hitler is certainly one of the most controversial people in the history. Some people say that if a certain conversation goes on long enough, it is almost certain someone is going to mention Hitler. If that happens, here are 10 Amazing Facts About Hitler that will make the conversation even more interesting.

Hitler created his own version of the Nobel Prize, after banning the official one. It was created in 1937 and called the German National Prize for Art and Science. One of the most notable recipients of this prize was Ferdinand Porsche, who is responsible for creation of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle car.

10. He suffered from Insomnia

facts about hitler


Maybe that’s when he came up with all his evil plans. He mostly used to work at nights. He had a habit of sleeping very late and waking up late in the mornings.


9. He abhorred Dentists

facts about hitler 2

Well, no one blames him. They are frightening, and painful. Due to this fact it is believed that he had very bad oral hygiene.


8. He was quite the Superstitious One

facts about hitler 3

An example of his superstitious behavior is that he considered number 7 to be very powerful. He chose Swastika to be his symbol because he believed it to be magical.


7. He was overly protective of his Niece


Rumor has it that he was obsessed with her and that they had sexual relationship. She was not allowed to go out or make friends. She committed suicide when she was 23.


6. He was very fond of sweets


He loved every kind of sweets, especially chocolates. It is believed that he ate 2 pounds of chocolate every day. He used to have a daily dose of pastries and cakes after his meals. he just couldn’t resist sweets.

5. He had his Eye set on a Jewish Girl

hitler 2

And she was his first love, by the way. Stefanie Isak was her name. He fell for her at a very young age but he never had the courage to talk to her. He even planned to kidnap and jump with her to their deaths, but as we all know he didn’t go through with it.


4. He wanted to become an Artist

hitler Artist

As a matter of fact, he even applied to the academy of Fine Arts Vienna twice but got rejected both times. Wonder how things would have turned out if he wasn’t.


3. The Blow-up Dolls were his Ideas

hitler Blow-up Dolls were his Ideas

Yes, you heard it. He basically invented them. The reason behind it is very logical. At that time a disease known as Syphilis was spreading due to sexual encounters, and Hitler wanted his soldiers protected. Blow-up dolls kept them away from the French prostitutes.


2. Hitler was a Drug Addict

Hitler was a Drug Addict

Cocaine to be specific. His physician first prescribed him with the drug, and then he became so addicted that he took it twice a day via inhaler, and then separately he used cocaine eye-dropper. Well, someone knew how to party!


1. He was a Disney Fan

hitler was a Disney Fan

Well, who is not? No one can blame him. He showed great interest in cartoons, or anything animated. Surprisingly, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was his favorite.

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