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Google Will Now Search Within The Facebook Mobile App

Google Will Now Search Within The Facebook Mobile App


Facebook will now reportedly provide a boost for Google searches, allowing data from its mobile app to show up in Google searches. 

On the surface Google and Facebook don’t really appear to be rivals. Google specializes in products like productivity tools, search, email, and so on, while Facebook seems to be largely thought of as a social network. However in recent times, Facebook has improved upon its own search algorithms to the point where some believe that they are attempting to rival Google.

Public Facebook information, including Pages, Groups, and Events, already shows up on Google searches on a computer. So what’s changed? Now, when someone conducts a Google search on an Android smartphone (sorry iOS & Windows phone users) and clicks on a result that leads back to Facebook, they’ll be taken to the relevant page within the Facebook app. This step may help Google become the dominant search engine for mobile devices, as the promise to bring people directly to where they want to go could entice more mobile users to search via Google. Facebook, as well, hopes to benefit by having more people stay within the Facebook app after landing there from a Google search.

Google has recently signed a deal with Twitter to reflect tweets directly in its mobile and app search. The two companies had a similar arrangement that had ended in 2011. For Twitter, this means a better chance at boosting engagement as it ensures that real-time results are reflected in mobile search.

Now with Facebook on board, this could mean a new boost for Google’s mobile search, given that the social media network has over 1.5 billion users. Currently, search within Facebook is powered by its own Graph Search which lets users crawl for their friends posts, photos, etc. For search results which are not on Facebook, and extend to the general web, the social network relies on Microsoft’s Bing search.

Google cannot, however, show content shared on Facebook  that has been marked private. 

The move seems like a win-win for both companies: you now have another reason to use Google’s search engine on your phone, and you also end up spending more time within Facebook’s app.

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