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Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Superstars of 2015

Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Superstars of 2015

American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) which primarily deals in professional wrestling earned a revenue of $542.6 million in 2014.Brand WWE is more popular than other similar brands like TNA, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. WWE pays its wrestlers very well. The annual paycheck of the top eight WWE superstars is more than $1 million. Wrestlers with more star power earn more than the others.

Here are the top 10 highest paid WWE superstars ranked according to their annual earnings

1. The Rock ($3.5 million)


Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Douglas Johnson earns $3.5 million annually even though he shows up once in a while. He also earns revenue from pay-per-views. The Rock has an estimated net worth  of $125 million as of 2015. In addition to working as a professional wrestler he has also starred in many Hollywood blockbuster movies.


2. John Cena ($2.75 million)

John Cena

This WWE superstar has been the face of the WWE for nearly a decade. He works really hard and deserves his paycheck. He has established himself as one of WWE biggest names and has also made a jump into feature films. As an actor, Cena has starred in action films, The Marine (2006) and 12 Rounds (2009) through the production wing of WWE.


3. Undertaker ($2.25 million)


Undertaker is a legend with many fans worldwide. The Undertaker has been in WWE since 1991 and has dedicated his life to making it a huge success. He usually shows up once a year, but his star power is such that for that appearance he gets $2.25 million annually. While he hasn’t successfully transitioned into movies or other ventures, he has been earning big in the WWE.


4. Triple H ($2.12 million)

Triple H

Triple H is the son-in-law of the WWE chairman. He is also one of the longest serving stars of WWE. He has a $1,000,000 per year talent contract. Triple H made his transition into the movie industry with The Chaperone. He is married to businesswoman and WWE executive Stephanie McMahon.


5. Brock Lesnar ($2 million)

Brock Lesnar

The $2 million paycheck is what this WWE superstar earned during his last contract with the WWE. It expired in March 2015. WWE has offered him a better package. The former UFC heavyweight champion  left the MMA after he was diagnosed with diverticulitis. He made big come back this time to WWE; making big news at Wrestlemania XXX in 2014 taking the Undertaker’s undefeated streak of 21 consecutive wins in at the popular event.

6. Randy Orton ($1.6 million)

Randy Orton

Ever since he joined WWE, Randy Orton has been a part of many success stories. He has established himself as a major player in the WWE roster in a short time. Today he is a big name in the industry, which is why he gets a share in the profits on the sale of his merchandise.


7. Sheamus ($1.3 million)


Even though Sheamus has not been around for a long time, his star power is earning him $1.3 million annually. He is a good friend of Triple H, which is why he is getting paid more than other senior wrestlers in the WWE roster.


8. Big Show ($1.2 million)

Big Show

Big Show is an experienced wrestler and a great entertainer. He has been in this business for nearly two decades. This is due to his willingness to do every angle that the creative comes up with, even if it means he has to wear a diaper. He has a personal tour bus.


9. Rey Mysterio ($985,000)

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio left WWE recently. While he was part of WWE he was paid $985,000 annually. He could not contribute much for almost one year due to his injury, but he was not denied his paycheck by WWE. Currently he takes up independent bookings.


10. Dolph Ziggler ($900,000)

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is one of the hard working superstars of WWE. He is paid $900,000 annually. The company also pays for his travel and accommodation. Many Dolph Ziggler fans are of the opinion that WWE is not giving him the push he deserves.

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