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Top 10 Rarest Animals In The World

Top 10 Rarest Animals In The World

There are many Rarest Animals In The World. Some are familiar to us because we’ve seen them in person, on one of the many television shows devoted to animals, or in school books or biology textbooks.  Other Rarest Animals are there.  So rare, in fact, that you may have never heard of them. know that they are extremely rarest animal because they are critically endangered.  Here are some of the rarest animals in the world.

10. Spoon Billed Sandpiper

rarest animals

Living in Northeastern Russia and often found wading through shallow water there are fewer than 1000 of these tiny birds left.


9. Geometric Tortoise

rarest animals

Living in Cape Province, South Africa this species is now threatened by habitat destruction and predation.


8. Araripe Manakin

rarest animals

As of now there are only 779 Araripe Manakins in Brazil. Due to an increase in logging and other activities they have suffered habitat loss.


7. Gooty Tarantula

rarest animals

Living in Southeast India and Sri Lanka, everything from firewood collection to civil unrest have been blamed for its endangerment.


6. Jumping Shrew


rarest animals

For seemingly apparent reasons it used to be known as the elephant shrew. Today, this creature resides in the Boni-Dodori Forest in Kenya and is critically endangered.

5. Hirola

rarest animals

With just over 500 left in the wild they can only be found in one small area on the border of Kenya and Somalia.


4. Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkeys

rarest animals

Endemic to north vietnam, there are less than 200 left in the wild.


3. Spotted Dear

rarest animals

One of the world’s most endangered mammals it lives in the rain forests of the Philippines and was captured on film for the first time last year.


2. White Lion

rarest animals

Not seen in the wild since 1994, these lions are not albinos and are native to the Timbavati region of Africa.


1. Snow Leopard

rarest animals

A very rare sight in the wild, when two snow leopard cubs were photographed in the mountains of Tajikistan last year it got a lot of attention.

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