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Top 10 Most Popular Male singers 2015

Most Popular Male singers 2015



Possessing multiple talents, Usher is more than an amazing singer. He is also a actor, dancer and songwriter from the United States. He began the career since 1991, and it took years for him to have gained such a prominent status as a popular singer in late 1990s. Needless to say, he bears a unique birth talent in singing as well as dancing. His every single performance on the stage is often special and exciting. That has entertained his fans quite well. Some of his best albums so far should be My Way, Here I Stand, and the Confessions.




Another name that you must see in the list of the most popular male singers is Chris Brown. His fame in his singing career is among the top and no less than many other world class singers these days. Additionally, he is also a great dancer, often been very entertaining to his audience on the stage. With his talent and hard work, he started to sing and dance since he was a small child. Those should be the important basis skills for him. Getting back into his real famous days, the top hits album from him are such as “F.A.M.E” and “Exclusive” while the most popular singles he got include “Kiss, Kiss”, “With You”, and “Forever”.




Being a songwriter as well as record producer in addition to his singing career, Taio Cruz is another worldwide known name. He has been quite popular so for in the world entertainment industry as a singer. “Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite” are the two early singles from him, and they were the first exposure that has brought him back a huge attention. He has done a brilliant job in most of his work, and more importantly, millions of fans like and love him dearly.




Next to see, it is Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars is indeed a brilliant singer with sweet voice. He is best represented for the romantic songs. Some of his work like “Just the Way You Are” and “When I Was Your Man” are the favorite songs of many fans around the world. As well, Bruno Mars is one of the American celebrities which owns many talent at the same time. In addition to singing, he is also a songwriter, record producer and voice actor.




At the age of 28 for this 2015, Drake who can sing, actor and write the songs has now reached a very top level of his career. As a result, we often see his name in the list of the world most popular male singers. And, again in this 2015, he does it again. Like Justin Beiber, he is from Canada. Nonetheless, the first appearance of him in the entertainment industry was as an actor in a Television Series. Since he has also had an interesting in singing as well as possessed a great gift on that, he has shifted to this instead in 2009 with Young Money Entertainment. So far till today, he had done a great job and collect a huge popularity from his fan around the world.



Specially for Kanye West, he is very artistic. Besides being a singer, songwriter, and producer, he is also a painter. However, its incredible singing ability is enough to bring him to the top as one of the most popular male singers of these days. Throughout his career, like many of them in the list, Kanye West has had many recognitions as well as the international awards such as the Grammy Award. Some of his best and most popular albums include “The College Dropout”, “Late Registration” and “Graduation”




From Florida, Pitbull is a famous American rapper who released his first album, “Money Is A Major Issue” since 2004. Two years later, another one of his achievements appeared which is the album, titled “The Boatlift” and more the following year. Nevertheless, these are the two main and first albums that exposed his great rapping skills and voice to the public. Years later, he even preceded to reach the top level as a world class singer like Pitbull you know you today.




Of course, everyone knows Justin Bieber. He is a young and amazing singer. He rose to prominence within a very short period of time. Born in 1994, he is from Canada and can sing as well as write the songs. The few songs that have brought him the best hits from the world attention are Baby and Never Say Never from his first album “EP, My World”. And, the following year, he did release another one called “My World 2.0”. It was another huge success, and it is enough for him to have the name as a world most popular singer.




Another amazing singer who has also made his name on the list of the most popular male singers in 2015 is Justin Timberlake. Like many others in the list, Justin Timberlake has spent years working hard and collecting the fame to be who he is today in addition to his super singing talent from birth. Born in 1981, Justin Timberlake has had a present in the TV shows since he was child. However, he had earned a big name in the singing career in late 1990s when he was the one of the lead vocalists in Boy Band NSYNC. Since then, his talent shines and has brought the success he has today.




The first man you are going to see and he is the number 10th most popular male singer in this 2015 is Macklemore. Actually, his original name is Ben Haggery, but he is better known as Macklemore on the stage. His best skill is rapping, and he started his career in this singing since 2000 with a few independent release of his mix tapes and album with a very good collaboration with Ryan Lewis. Throughout his career, he has got many big hits which brings a huge attention into him. As an example in 2013, his “Thrift Shop” has outstandingly reached the top number one song in the Billboard Hot 100. This is one if his great achievements, and he deserves all of this from his hard work as well as his incredible singing talent.

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