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Top 10 Most Awaiting Upcoming Movies 2016

Top 10 Most Awaiting Upcoming Movies 2016

10. The Forest

When her twin sister disappears in Japan, a young American named Sara (Natalie Dormer) becomes determined to find out what happened to her. Sara’s investigation leads her to the legendary Aokigahara Forest, located at the base of Mount Fuji. Accompanied by expatriate Aiden, she enters the mysteriouswilderness after being warned to “stay on the path.” Her investigation plunges her into a dark world where the angry and tormented souls of the dead prey on those who dare to explore the forest.

Initial release: January 8, 2016 (USA)
Director: Jason Zada
Music director: Bear McCreary
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Distributor: Gramercy Pictures, Icon Productions

9. Ride Along 2

Ben and James venture to Miami to work on a case that involves a mysterious and dashing figure named Serge Pope. While there, they team up with Maya, a smart and beautiful detective. Ben looks forward to proving himself and hopes the case runs smoothly so that he can return to Atlanta in time for his wedding.

Initial release: January 15, 2016 (USA)
Director: Tim Story
Music director: Christopher Lennertz
Produced by: Matt Alvarez, Larry Brezner, Ice Cube, Will Packer, J. C. Spink
Written by: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi

8. The Finest Hours

On Feb. 18, 1952, a massive storm splits the SS Pendleton in two, trapping more than 30 sailors inside the tanker’s sinking stern. Engineer Ray Sybert bravely takes charge to organize a strategy for his fellow survivors. As word of the disaster reaches the Coast Guard in Chatham, Mass., Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Cluff orders a daring rescue mission. Despite the ferocious weather, coxswain Bernie Webber takes three men on a lifeboat to try and save the crew against seemingly impossible odds.

Initial release: January 29, 2016 (USA)
Director: Craig Gillespie
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures
Music director: Carter Burwell
Cinematography: Javier Aguirresarobe

7. The Boy

A young American named Greta (Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny for an 8-year-old boy in a remote English village. To her surprise, Greta learns that the child of her new employers is a life-size doll. They care for the doll as if it was human, which helps the couple to cope with the death of their own son 20 years earlier. When Greta violates a list of strict rules, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring her worst fears to life, leading her to believe that the doll is alive.
Initial release: January 22, 2016 (USA)
Director: William Brent Bell
Screenplay: Stacey Menear
Music director: Bear McCreary
Producers: Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Roy Lee, Matt Berenson,Jim Wedaa

6. Deadpool

Armed with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor, former mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) goes in search of the man who nearly destroyed his life.
Initial release: February 4, 2016 (Singapore)
Director: Tim Miller
Music director: Junkie XL
Production companies: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment, The Donners’ Company
Genres: Action Film, Superhero movie, Adventure Film, Science fiction film, Fantasy

5. The Choice

A man (Benjamin Walker) pursues a relationship with his neighbor (Teresa Palmer) in a small coastal town.
Initial release: February 5, 2016 (USA)
Director: Ross Katz
Story by: Nicholas Sparks
Screenplay: Bryan Sipe
Music director: Marcelo Zarvos

4. How to Be Single

Based on the novel of the same name, an author writing a book about bachelorettes becomes entangled in an international affair while conducting hands-on research abroad. The author and her friends are single New Yorkers who would all much rather be in committed relationships. On a whim, Julie, the writer, decides to write a book about the experiences of single women around the world. She takes a leave of absence from her job as a publicist, jets off to France, and encounters a man named Thomas, who is in an open marriage. Even as she continues her travels to other countries, Julie longs for Thomas, who meets up with her again in Bali, jump-starting a torrid affair. While Julie is off seeing the world, her friends are back in New York, growing closer to each other as their lives develop in wild ways.
Initial release: February 12, 2016 (USA)
Director: Christian Ditter
Production companies: New Line Cinema, Flower Films
Genres: Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance Film
Distributor: Warner Bros.

3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Sixteen-year-old Jacob follows clues that take him to a mysterious island, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores the abandoned bedrooms and hallways, he discovers that its former occupants were far more than peculiar; they possessed incredible powers. And they may still be alive.

Initial release: December 25, 2016 (USA)
Director: Tim Burton
Music director: Danny Elfman
Cinematography: Bruno Delbonnel
Produced by: Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping

2. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Tris must escape with Four and go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago. For the first time ever, they will leave the only city and family they have ever known in order to find a peaceful solution for their embroiled city. Once outside, old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless with the revelation of shocking new truths. Tris and Four must quickly decide who they can trust as a ruthless battle ignites beyond the walls of Chicago which threatens all of humanity. In order to survive, Tris will be forced to make impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.
Initial release: March 18, 2016 (USA)
Director: Robert Schwentke
Story by: Veronica Roth
Film series: Divergent Film Series
Cinematography: Florian Ballhaus

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mankind faces a new threat as Batman (Ben Affleck) embarks on a personal vendetta against Superman (Henry Cavill).
 Initial release: March 23, 2016 (Sweden)
Director: Zack Snyder
Producers: Deborah Snyder, Charles Roven
Screenplay: David S. Goyer, Chris Terrio
Production companies: Warner Bros., DC Entertainment Inc

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